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My wife and I were sleeping in separate bed rooms. We had lost the night time companionship that is so important to marraige. From the first night I wore the device she was in bed for the night. After a while I forgot how important wearing the device was, and just assumed that we were once again just sleeping together. Then the device broke and for the day it took Dr. Fischman to fix it (it was sent FedEx) my wife was out of the bed as soon as I fell asleep. Can't thank you enough, you saved my marraige. BG

Was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and couldn't tolerate the CPAP. Luckily I was directed to Dr. Fischman and he placed a mandibular advancement device, which immediately stopped the snoring and after another sleep test was noted to have eliminated the sleep apnea. I am lucky I got to you. Both I and my wife thank you. IP

I have severe sleep apnea and have to travel a great deal. Falling asleep in public is a real problem. I am constantly being awoken by stewardesses and conductors, as well as by fellow passengers because of my snoring noises. If there was a highjacker on board, I'm sure I would be the first person shot, just to stop my snoring. Now I travel with an oral appliance and get a good sleep without shaking all my neighbors. I still use the CPAP at home, but on the road I'm golden with just a small appliance to carry. AK

I have severe sleep apnea and was having significant trouble with CPAP due to the discomfort of the high pressure necessary to open my airway. With a combination of CPAP and the bite plates Dr. Fischman made me, I have been able to reduce the air pressure and can now use the CPAP through the night without the discomfort I experienced previously. BC

My girl friend made me sleep on the couch. Not a way to build a romance. Once I got the device, I was back in bed with more energy than ever during the day. Took two months from the time I got my appliance to get engaged. I guess my fairy godfather is a dentist. We both thank you. GH

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